Friday, August 29, 2008

Mad Men Invade Twitter

I picked up some activity on my Ogilvy tweet scan and on further investigation it seems that fans of the series have given the Mad Men characters twitter accounts and are furiously exchanging witticisms not only between themselves but also to other... er... twitts. Some nice banter:

Roger Stirling "No, bed is a replacement for whiskey sours. Or maybe the floor is a replacement. All depends on the amount of whiskey."

Good to see David Ogilvy getting in on the conversation trying to lure the characters to work at Ogilvy.

Also interesting to see the initial response from series owner AMC was to get Twitter to pull the feeds, then after a virtual ear bashing from fans, reinstate them. More here.

UPDATED: After reading D. Armano who found this from "We Are Sterling Cooper":

"Fan fiction. Brand hijacking. Copyright misuse. Sheer devotion. Call it what you will, but we call it the blurred line between content creators and content consumers, and it's not going away. We're your biggest fans, your die-hard proponents, and when your show gets cancelled we'll be among the first to pass around the petition. Talk to us. Befriend us. Engage us. But please, don't treat us like criminals.

This site exists to catalogue the conversation around AMC's Mad Men and its fanbase across the social web. But it's just the beginning. 'We are Sterling Cooper' is a rallying cry to brands and fans alike to come together and create together."

My Ogilvy twitter here aggregates all the Ogilvy blogs and digital Verge news.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Madness From Ikea

UPDATED: Couldn't turn the sound off, so has been removed.

More banner/widget 2.0 madness from the boys and girls at ikea. build on an idea that has been done to death - man in room - but distributed. nice


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Spam On The Egomunications Channel

The phrase has been barely coined a couple of weeks and I have already succumbed to a Egomunications Spam.

It basically means mentioning people in your blog posts/tweets or tagging them in facebook photos so they click in any alerts they have set up and read what you are saying about/to them.

I have a variety of Google Alerts set up one for one of our agencies: OgilvyOne. An alert arrived but I couldn't make out from the description what it was on about. I clicked through and got to a specific blog with the sort of random bunch of words and a pop up window that alerted me to the fact that I had several viruses on my machine and by installing this software I could yada yada... wankers but innovative wankers.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Visa Cocks Up Olympic Sponsorship

Visa are one of the flagship sponsors of the 2008 Olympics. This should provide them with an excellent opportunity to link their brand with some of the most memorable moments ever.

Unfortunately some marketing monkey thought it would be a great idea if Visa cards were the only card payment option at official Olympic venues.

This decision, which was not widely communicated before the Games (like that would have helped) and has caused issues not only with supporters but some faily influential coaches and athletes.

The decision smacks of corporate bullying at an event that is centred in "being open to everyone".

Recent reports have suggested that the negative PR has reached a level that people are widely talking about not getting Visa card as a result of this action.

As reported by Rohit, one of the Ogilvy/Lenovo bloggers at the event.

Disclaimer: Ogilvy have worked on American Express Cards for the past 25 odd years


How To Respond: Woods Walks On Water

EA Games shows how to turn a potential problem into a humorous talking point.

A gamer discovered whilst playing "Tiger Woods 2008" the golfer could actually play a golf shot standing on water. He posted a video of it on YouTube, calling it "the Jesus shot".

EA could have responded with a PR statement, lawyers or simply ignored it.

Instead they decided to respond with a video of their own "its not a glitch".

It shows a great understanding of their target audience and will not doubt reach a much broader audience.

Hat tip Shailen Joshi.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper: How Digital Became Traditional

"We are not ready for the digital bit yet as we have not defined the big idea", the classic brush off from traditional agency folk, which, though once rife is starting to die off.

But imagine my surprise when I went to talk to a digital creative director to sell some branded entertainment wares...."we are not ready for that entertainment stuff yet as we are still working on delivering the big site idea and all the content".

When did digital become traditional and wtf is branded entertainment if it is not content?!


Monday, August 11, 2008

All Ogilvy Bloggers

If you like your digital news with a bit of Ogilvy attitude here is the list of Ogilvy bloggers from around the world, if you know of any others please shout.

21st Century Public Relations - US
Adventures in Tokyo - Japan
Approvingly Lounging - Planning - UK
Attias - Fr
Benoit Octave - Belgium
Blog de Max - Costa Rica
Blogilvy - NL
Digital Influence Mapping Project - US
Digital Innovation - US
Digital Mix - Belgium
Digital Native - UK
Digital Watch China
Dirk Eschenbacher - China
FishTank News - UK
Flagged For Follow Up - US
Fluido - Italy
G Marketing - Fr
Harmless Bananas - Brian Koh - SG
Hypnotype - India
Influential Interactive Marketing - US
Inquiring Eyes - India
MisEntropy - India
Mister Dutta - HK
Navigator - Asia
Ogilvy PR BlogFeeds - US
Tech PR Nibbles - US
The Intersection - PR - US
The Open Room - SG
User Have The Power - Italy
Users Have The Power - IT
Vita in Community - Italy
Web Marketing - China
Whirlo - UK
Word of Mouth Marketing 2.0 - US

I have aggregated all the RSS feeds from the above into a single RSS feed via Yahoo Pipes and put into a Blog Widget, Alltop! & Twitter.


UK Top 50 Marketing Blogs

A new month and a new top-of-the-pops moment for marketing blogs - good to see Interactive Marketing Trends storm wait...bugger...we are going down!

Anyway, listings show (from left) UK ranking (movement), Global ranking (movement), link to blog.

1 (-)

41 (-4)

russell davies

2 (+2)

51 (11)


3 (-1)

53 (-5)

David Airey

4 (-1)

58 (-2)

5 (-)

76 (+1)


6 (-)

85 (+11)

Only Dead Fish

7 (-)

97 (+5)


8 (-)

109 (-6)

PR Blogger

9 (-)

128 (-9)

The Engaging Brand

10 (-)

144 (+13)

Welcome to Optimism

11 (-)

176 (+4)


12 (+1)

184 (+10)

Make Marketing History

13 (-1)

214 (-23)

A PR Guy's Musings

14 (+4)

216 (+11)

Spinning Around

15 (+1)

220 (-)

Blog Till You Drop

16 (+1)

221 (+1)

Modern Marketing

17 (-3)

226 (-27)

PPC Blog

18 (+1)

232 (+10)

Fraser's Affiliate Marketing Blog

19 (-4)

243 (-35)


20 (+2)

261 (+44)

Faster Future

21 (+2)

267 (+51)


22 (-2)

280 (-2)


23 (-2)

286 (+9)


24 (+4)

312 (+38)

Drew B's take on tech PR

25 (NEW)

315 (NEW)

The Ad Pit

26 (-1)

316 (+8)

Wadds' tech pr blog

27 (NEW)

318 (NEW)

Collective Conversation

28 (-2)

322 (+7)

Beyond PR

29 (-5)

323 (-2)

Life Moves Pretty Fast

30 (+3)

325 (+98)

Nick Burcher

31 (-)

338 (+44)


32 (NEW)

339 (NEW)

Brendan Cooper

33 (+5)

341 (+115)

Living in a digital world

34 (-5)

346 (+13)

Interactive Marketing Trends

35 (-5)

366 (+9)

50-Plus Marketing

36 (-9)

368 (-19)


37 (-3)

381 (+45)

Brand Strategy Magazine Blog

38 (+1)

386 (+88)

The Way of the Web

39 (-7)

389 (+10)


40 (NEW)

399 (NEW)

Direct response marketing observations

41 (NEW)

403 (NEW)

General Marketing Blog

42 (+4)

404 (+135)

London Calling

43 (-6)

425 (+29)

Raw Stylus

44 (NEW)

432 (NEW)

Get International Clients

45 (NEW)

439 (NEW)

This Is HERD

46 (-11)

451 (-12)


47 (-11)

453 (-)

Simon Wakeman

48 (NEW)

466 (NEW)


49 (NEW)

478 (NEW)

renaissance chambara

50 (-9)

495 (-)

Pudding Relations

Big thanks to the guys at spinning around (no14 on the list) for compiling this from the Adage Power 150 list. Via #20 on the list


Saturday, August 09, 2008

This Rocks: Commercial Internet Timeline!

The commercial web is about 5,000 days old and has fundamentally changed how we live, work and play. Every now and again something special occurs and spreads like wild fire. You know dancing baby, evolution, mad britney fan etc...

Dipity is a service that lets you make a timeline of anything and one of their users (BG K) created a timeline with all of those events.

Hat tip Patrick via 2020 London


Google's Social Graph API

Nowadays, most people can’t seem to take a dump without Twittering, Facebooking, Blogging, Youtubing, Flickring about it.

Keeping all those social sites up to date can be time consuming. Thank goodness Google has come to our aid with Social Graph API.

It’s a neat application that scours social sites on the web, gathers any contact lists that are publicly visible and makes them available for other sites.

Hat tip to Toby and the boys at Moving Brands


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ford E-Paper Ad

This October the 75th Anniversary issue of Esquire will be unloaded from refrigerated vans and slotted into racks. For the first time ever the magazines will be animated.

It's not too flashy yet. "The order of the words will change," says Griffin. "There will be images that will turn on and off." The images are black-and-white in four shades of grey; a murky newspaper image, at best, but colored by a sheet of transparent, tinted plastic that will be fixed over the top.

Esquire can sell the e-paper covers at the standard cover price because of a Ford advertisement for the Flex, a crossover SUV, has "defrayed a lot of the cost," on a second sheet of e-paper on the inside cover.
Looking forward to seeing a DM pack using this in the near future...

eInk are the e-paper manufacturer.

From BoingBoing


Exclusive Olympics Content: At The Cost Of A Tag Line

Lenovo's Voices of the Olympic Games project - in which Lenovo has given 100 Global Olympians the technology and support they need to blog their experiences in Beijing, and then aggregated all of their stories into one web site - is a great concept that I am looking forward to reading.

In an interesting spin the Ogilvy bloggers out there are offering exclusive content for bloggers not at the Olympics in return for a Lenovo tag line or attribution and a link.

Visit Rohit to request to be part of this experiment.