Thursday, January 29, 2009

Merging Digital And Traditional Agencies

Always a car crash. Funny - both haha and uhohh- points made by Lost in Tech on the mistakes
of integrating digital and traditional agencies.

Essentially they are fundamentally different disciplines but don’t integrate, conduct, execute a skill/will cull and hire t-shaped people,. All parts of the black swan agency

Interestingly you could replace digital with branded content, creative (in media agency), media (in creative agency),  innovation or pretty much anything new and get the same result.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Best Mobile GPS Apps

Wired's 10 best mobile apps that make the most of location

Scan a Barcode, Find a Deal
Train Your Phone to Know Its Place

and my all time favourite

whilst we talking mobile apps - the Kodak mobile ski guide just hit 70,000 downloads.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What If Dove Was A Graffiti Artist...

Someone is going round the Berlin underground putting photoshop stickers on the ads to lend some reality to the campaigns by highlight the fake nature of the imagery. 

Leona Lewis, Britney & Aguilera all get the treatment.

Sort of like a campaign for real beauty Banksy or Bleck Le Rat or something.

Awesome Mobile Augmented Reality

Ok Ford and Mini - Android augemented reality wins. Oh the advertising opportunities...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Social Media Raised $15K To Save My Family

This is great. How big Dave Armano cashed in on his social currency to help an abused family to raise money for a new apartment. 

Scott Drummond has an excellent explanation of how the money was raised, how Twitter and other social media tools were used to spread the word and harness the collective good will of a network.From Servant Of Choas via Ogilvy newbie blogger Subbu.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Your Social Media Dashboard

Ogilvy + Netvibes = Social Media, Word of Mouth, Public Relations & Marketing news & info updates in a single interface. A dashboard for marketers &...experts to gain immediate benefits from social media. combined with a facebook group, a linked-in group delicious group, youtube - ahh sod it just go and check it out for yourself...

Kudos to John Bell and the team for this - OK so they are Ogilvy but the most advanced thing I have seen from any agency in the space.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Best Selling MP3 Album of 2009 - Free

Cool news: The best-selling MP3 album at Amazon in 2008 was Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts I-IV, which was released free under aCreative Commons license. The album made more than  $1.6 million in revenue for NIN in its first week, and hitting #1 on Billboard’s Electronic charts, has the album ranked as the 4th-most-listened to album of the year, with over 5,222,525 scrobbles.

Cheers Jmac.


Israel Defense Force Go 2.0

Reported by Cattilas: Taking a leaf out of Obama's text book the Israel Defense Force has started a blog, a Twitter and a Youtube channel. Not sure if they will be as succesful.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The First User Generated Movie

Things are getting collaborative: MySpace users have got together to make the first collaborative social networking movie called Faintheart. They've written the script, directed the action and played supporting roles and now the movie is set for general release on the 27th of January and on DVD on the 2nd of February.

This article from The Independent goes into a lot more detail about how this project came about and how democratic it was.

Here is the response that this has had on YouTube (note how some people have posted their auditions for the film on YouTube also).

Hat tip Nick Bennett


Top Ad Planning Blogs

Misentropy has done a great job pulling together a comprehensive list of all the planners who blog - based on those listed on the plannersphere as of 5th january 2009 and ranked them according to the adage power 150

Great to see I sneak into the top 20, though Ii fully expect to fall down the ranking as soon as it becomes popular. 

World's Youngest Blogger Rankings

Kids should create, share, be seen and be heard. 

It basically ranks bloggers under 18 using 4 ranking factors which is their age (younger the better), Google PR, Technorati and Alexa rank - plus it updates automagically everyday! 

You can review the blog and rate it from 1 to 5 to help the blogger improve rankings. The plan is to get to a top 100 and they are currently on 20 so if you are under 18 get yourself on there.

In my day a stick and a ball - if you were lucky - was all i had to amuse myself. OK I lie it was a zx81 and a tape deck.


Dancing Matt A Fake!!

You heard it here - well there - first.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Kodak Mobile Ski Guide To The Alps

OK so it has been a Kodak Christmas. I got a nice Zi6 pocket video camera in my stocking from the Mrs. Lovely machine but the USB button is a little trigger happy. 

Then I went on a marathon "follow the followers" session on my twitter/ogilvy account - 909 in one sitting.  There I found I was being followed by not only theUS based Kodak Chief Blogger but also the Chief Marketing Officer. I quick stroll through some of their posts revealed these guys are actually making pretty good use of the service and are ones to watch.

Finally we have also just soft launched a site to celebrate the Kodak Rossignol ski partnership, which allows skiiers to test new Rossignol and Kodak kit at various resorts through the winter.

The site features a guide to various resorts accompanied by loads of imagery and video shot on Kodak kit. The best bit is that we have made it mobile - not much call for wifi at the top of a black in Tignes

The mobile ski guide features the best bars, restaurants and runs  in 20+ resorts thus enabling their audience to create their own moments, their own Snow Stories. Click on the link in the bottome right hand corner to download - dont worry it will work out your handset requirements or get it directly from here.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Caveat: I work on the Kodak business in Europe and on this project.