Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mobile Codes Are Coming


Generate your own QR codes - this one will point you back to this blog .

There are huge implications and opportunities for marketers and QR codes and Shot Codes. These codes are 2D matrix widely seen on posters and billboards, they provide anyone with a cell phone immediate access to everything from information on consumer prize campaigns to addresses and maps for retail outlets. The latest 3D implementations QR codes are capable of storing up to 1.8 Mb of data, including video.

Mike Fiorella from Japan Marketing News points to this article that says that "fast food brands are now printing these codes on sandwich wrappers. One quick scan and you're instantaneously provided with nutritional and/or ingredient information. As you'd expect, QR codes increasingly appear on packaged goods too."

QR & Shot Codes are already in use by Coke, Ping, EMAP, Swisscom, Rossignol and by 234 a major european music distributor.

Most of the cell phones in Japan now come pre-installed with appropriate software and are supported by several major handset manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, Sharp, Toshiba & Sony. Though you can download QR readers or ShotCode readers online or through WAP sites.

The latest rumoured technology from Fujitsu is the FPcode - similar to QR & Shot codes but rather than looking like a black smudge, the code is invisibly printed onto the image in the advert itself.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Most Contagious 2006

Essential reading: Most Contagious 2006 round-up from the guys & girls at Contagious.

Google Moves Offline

Quote from Trendhunter:

According to a recent patent filing, Google is planning an expansion into the physical advertising space.

Specifically, they are planning to startadvertising on billboards which would be connected to the internet! Thepatent is based on the interactive connection (because google isn’t goingto make boring billboards).

Engadget notes, “The system apparently worksby only advertising products that are available and in stock within storesin the local area. Stores will be able to buy advertising on these localelectronic billboards through a similar system to how AdSense currentlyworks: by logging into a computer and buying them.”


Ad Agency Of The Year

You: Person of the Year and now this....

Power to the people indeed... Alka-Seltzer, Frito-Lay, the NFL and Chevrolet have all commissioned spots created by amateurs to run during the Super Bowl traditionally where TV agencies get their biggest moment to shine creatively in America.
Left: Kiley Moorefield, right, and Tyler Lesch pitch their idea for a Chevy Super Bowl ad

Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer John Doe Edges Out Jeff Goodby
NEW YORK ( -- That the most important piece of commercial content of 2006 was created by a juggler named Fritz Grobe and lawyer Stephen Voltz, and distributed on a website called Revver, is a sign of our times.

Compressed into "The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment" sensation is the key question that gnaws -- or should be gnawing -- at just about anybody who wants to sell their product to consumers in the 21st century: Should I try to get my consumers to do something like this?

ASA ruling on flogs

"Research has shown the public regard blogs as the second most reliable source or information after online review sites. This is more than for newspapers, adverts and e-mail marketing. It is therefore no surprise when companies take advantage of this and create what have now been termed a "flog" - a fake blog.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint in respect of a fake weblog on a number of football club related websites.

The blog started "Fellas, have you heard what talksport radio are doing this season. They are recruiting a fan from every club in the premiership and football league to become the voice for their club on their station."

A reader complained that it was not clear that the weblog was placed by talkSPORT radio.
The radio station said that weblog posts on third part sites had not been part of the planned marketing strategy for this initiative. The blog complained of had been posted by a member of staff acting independently. They said they had now taken steps to ensure employees were aware that such actions were not permitted.

The ASA acknowledged that the flog had not been authorised, but nevertheless because it had not been clearly identified as advertising, clauses 7.1 (Misleading) and 22.1 ("Marketers, publishers and owners of other media should ensure that marketing communications are designed and presented in such a way that it is clear that they are marketing communications.") of the CAP Code had been breached.

The ASA has therefore shown that it is prepared to take a tough line on cases of "flogging" that come to its notice in the UK.

Friday, January 12, 2007

NFL Fan Contest Won By Ad Guy

There is a fine line between encouraging consumer involvement and begging for it and some pro con-gen marketers are starting to setp over it.

Of the 1,700 videos dropped off at the NFL's doorstep, Gino Bona's idea was chosen for the coveted 30-sec spot on Feb 4's Super Bowl. The Bills fan claims he tapped into his own "pathetic emotions" to illustrate how bummed fans get when football season ends.

Bona's also the biz-dev director for up-and-coming marketing firm Garrand.

Dove Asks Users for Ads

Dove hops on the consumer-generated-ad-contest hype assisting would-be advertisers with a tutorial on Dove Cream Oil. The winning ad will air during the Academy Awards in February.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Media Buying 2.0

"In this new media world companies can’t pay for prime time spots, they must earn them instead." Don Tapscott, Wikinomics.

Bebo to Roll Out Ad Widgets

The social network is to allow users more control over what advertising appears on their site.

Users fill out a profile and can select an advertiser application to feature on their page from the Bebo Widgets gallery.

This power places huge emphasis on advertisers to be relevant and deliver value add so it doesn't feel like marketing but well targeted and engaging content.

Bebo is readying the launch of its first advertiser widgets, small Web applications users can embed in their personal Web pages.

The social network last week began allowing users to embed miniature Web applications into their profile pages, letting them choose from three photo-sharing widgets from Slide, Photobucket and Rockyou. Bebo plans to build a collection of widgets users can choose to add to their profiles.

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