Friday, August 28, 2009

Rebranding London

There is an interesting pitch on at the moment to create a brand for London. In response to the Mayor's public tender, MovingBrands have decided to throw the process open to the public - inviting Londoners to give their views on London via Twitter @we_are_london and comment on our their pitch website.

Pitch website.

hmmm remember the toe curling - if we roll, we roll big Subway/ disaster.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got A Digital Chip On Your Shoulder?

To celebrate the 10th edition of NMA Top 100 Agencies they are asking a bunch of guys who managed to survive the past few years for their thoughts - mine below. Please add, ignore, delete...

1) What inspired you to start working in interactive?
In '95 two days before the pan european print and poster advertising review I had painstakingly spent weeks collating via post, ups, fax and and old school 4 colour printouts, which was carefully laid around my desk, the cleaner at saatchi & saatchi threw the lot away. 48 hours of hell ensued during which I made enemies across the whole of the network and couldn't help but think "there must be a better way". Out of that frustration 'saatchi brains' an internet based digital asset management system was born. Everthing I looked at from that point I kept thinking "there must be a better way" and it went from there.

2) What has been the biggest challenge of the past ten years?
The digital chip on most digital peoples' shoulders

3) What's been notable about the way client needs have changed?
The used to need to be pushed, now they need to be held back.

4) What's been most overhyped in our industry? What’s not been hyped enough?
Over - The digital consumer
Underhyped - The consumer

5) What innovations are just around the corner that excite you?
The whole notion of Innovation Marketing; the phrase that McKinsey coined afew years ago. An 80/20 budget split; 80% on what you know works and 20% on measureable innovation. This will radically change how we and our clients work and are remunerated.

6) How does the agency landscape need to change?
Apply 80/20 to yourself. Send out tug boats - some will sink, some will drag you in the right direction to survive.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Man Charges Brands For Queuing

Twat adds no value, but charges for it.

Some bloke recorded all the time he spent with various brands, both through his own choice or not. i.e watching aTV show, queuing at a shop or waiting for a delayed train. Because he is spending time with the brand charged them for it based on a discount of his hourly rate.

I can't help but think he is abit of a twat and considering setting up a microbilling site so everyone who reads his posts can charge him.

See how he likes that.

Anyway hourly rates are a redundant way to account for value. what he should have done is asked for contributions from his readers of the brands for the thoughts he provoked about how they might change their business or approached based on his observations...

As one of my colleagues, Frank Durden said, the person who comes out with most credit is Julian Metcalfe. He certainly knows how to make 66 quid go a long way. . .


The Day Media Died

Toe tappingly good.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Disney CEO Tells It How It Is

"We are not really embracing technology, we are embracing the consumer." Disney CEO Bob Iger

Warms the heart.

Full video at Tweed