Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Agency VC

As agencies search for a/the new model many seem to be favouring the approach pioneered in the communications space by Anomaly NYC: Partnerships with entreprenuers and innovators to develop their proposition and take to market strategies in exchange for shared IP.

Ogilvy has had an Innovation Lab based in Singapore for several years developing mobile applications and the model has just been rolled out to London and New York. At MIPTV the Lab recently ran a 2 day workshop as part of the Content 360 competition to identify and refine cause related marketing initiatives for our clients. Rachelle Boyle, who I was mentoring, won for her fantastic Fanta's Unxepected Heros idea about raising money to educate third world countries on the Sodis filtration process. Basically if contaminated water is left in a soft drink plastic bottle, of the type that Fanta comes in, for 6 hours in the sun it becomes drinkable.

It looks like this is one of a number of initiatives by ad groups and holding companies to establish units to determine the future of digital media.

The Interpublic Group set up a Futures Marketing Group, which houses its IPG Emerging Media Lab.

WPP Group has WPP Digital, which handles its investments in emerging media companies like Spot Runner, Jumptap and others.

Publicis Groupe has Denuo, a new-media consultancy that advises start-ups on ad models in exchange for equity positions in them.

Havas media lab is a research and development unit to partner with clients and start-ups to find new ad models.

Vincent Thome, fresh from a whorld tour, has an interesting take on the shared future of VCs & agencies.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Nike Ads Now & Then

Nike Ads 2.0: Media Spend - Zero, Celeb - 1, Camera - 1, Branding - None, Car - Models own (probably)

Nike Ads 1.0: Media spend - Massive, Production costs - Huge, Branding - Everywhere, Celebs - Countless

An interesting illustration on the state of advertising today.

Hat tip - Scamp


Not Even the Skies Are Safe From The Ad Men

not sure about the media targeting...


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Swiss Family Bloggers

So the younger sibling has started documenting his life working for the foreign office in washington dc and mum has got in on the act as well.