Thursday, April 30, 2009

The House That Ogilvy Built

Disclaimer - you should know by now I work there.


Top 10 UK Ad Blogs

As reported by Scamp here are the world's most popular ad blogs, as measured by traffic rankings from Alexa.

1   (2)Crackunit244,182
2   (1)Scamp262,988
3   (3)Only Dead Fish287,856
4   (7)Interactive Marketing Trends365,570
5   (6)Rubbishcorp425,481
6   (5)Spinning Around449,877
7   (4)Welcome To Optimism   527,022
8   (re-)If This Is A Blog Then What’s Christmas583,219
9   (10)TV's Worst Adverts599,880
10   (8)Adliterate633,397


T-Mobile Flash Mob Ad - Tonight

Number 4 on the 10 trends for digital marketing, experiential marketing and the sharing of this with a wider audience, whilst this was sooo last year, seems to be gaining ground with the mass adopters. See this push for the latest T-mobile flash mob ad.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Digital At A Digital Agency Too Easy?

Working at a digital agency would be too easy. Yeah you still have to struggle to get decent work out but try the life at an integrated agency. 

Your clients and the agency teams are often coming from a traditional background with limited digital understanding. The process and systems are set up to deliver a very different product. The culture is radically and the people oten just don't get it.

So why do digital people join traditional agencies?
  • to produce great individual peices of digital work - yeah,  
  • to leverage the power of truely integrated campaigns - hell yeah, 
  • to change people and process - hell...
It is a lifestyle choice. 

Bring out the sack cloth and ashes.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Zurich Charity Golf Game

FORE!! Join the golf relay game and help Zurich support children's charities! Hit a virtual golf ball and pass it on to friends or colleagues. 

Once 18 players have hit a ball, the round is completed and Zurich makes a donation to the Fore!Kids Foundation and Practical Action.

Disclaimer - This was done by the boys and girls at
Ogilvy Frankfurt.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Mobile Marketing Will Never Make Any Money

Jmac's observation at a recent mobile marketing event where everyone was overly focussed on the money and a post from Rory on the problem with naked greed isn't the greed it is the nakedness leads me to believe that the majority of people involved in mobile marketing will not make very much at all. 

Mobile conferences often feel like the first hour of a department store mega sale. Everyone rushing around detirmed to buy something, anything, excited, afraid and not a little desperate and sweaty.

Monetising mobile? No, be passionate about what you do, tangibly so, be curious, want to improve peoples lives through mobile. 

People buy that.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Digital Heart With A Discipline Head

Some agencies embraced digital in the early days doing everything, then woke up to realise they lost sight of what it is they actually do - many direct agencies dont actually have an email practise. 

Others, sometimes through design, did nothing and are struggling to work out how to enter in the most appropriate way.

Many digital pure play agencies are creaking at the sides as the definition of digital expands to cover way more than site build and banners.

As the traditional roster of agencies dies, clients abandon digital silos and the lines blur there is only one way through...

Digital Heart With A Discipline Head

Do what you do well and twhere you have heritage; building brands, managing reputation, having a direct relationship - just do it with digital thinking at the heart and digital delivery as a core channel elements. The same applies to digital agencies - just flip it...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stop Telling Me To Invest In A Recession

Show me.

If I see another well crafted article from an agency or media owner on how clients need to invest in marketing in a recession I might jump from the nearest bank executive suite - don't worry i'll be taking a couple of bankers with me. 

Dont tell me you are funny, tell me a joke is a much used analogy that sort of applies here. (I am too tired to overthink this.)

But basically agencies should invest in themselves and show the way. Not trumpet blowing but I spent this morning mentoring at Seedcamp london with Ogilvy Innovation Labs.

Facebook For Business

Loving this from John B and the Ogilvy Digital Influencer boys and girls.

Twitter For Business

Loving this from John B and the Ogilvy Digital Influencer boys and girls.

Oh and @Ogilvy just hit 7,100 followers.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Print Your Own Diesel Money

Sweet sale idea  from Diesel which allows you to print your own 'bank notes' to recieve 30% off almost everything in Diesel stores this weekend

Staring Fri 17th April for the whole weekend, Diesel are giving out free 'official illegal black bank notes' to save 30% off at participating Diesel stores nationwide.  You can find the notes across the UK, scattered on a street or courtesy of 'Diesel bankers' on a high street near you.  If you're lucky enough you may come across a special edition GOLD note which will get you a 99% discount when you spend £500 in store.

There are also red bank notes which are hidden round key cities give you an additional discount, so keep your eyes peeled... 

Basic but clever site where you print your money makes the consumer feel exclusive...  Also, links through to Diesel 'cult' loyalty club with organised events and discount cards reinforcing the brands underground cool image... 

Hat tip Katy Kent


Social Psycho

The ever crazy (in a good way)  Macus Brown is curating a book: 

What would happen when someone who had access to the personal data of hundreds or thousands of people completely lost it and became unhinged? What would happen if that said person was extremely web savvy, had accounts on facebook, twitter, friendfeed, blogs and knew their way around Google maps etc.? 

Social Psycho is a work of fiction that intends to build on this terrifying idea and I’m inviting you to get involved. It's my new project. Although I will be mainly writing and developing the main character of the story you are invited to develop sub-plots and characters in order to build stories of your own. 

You can either input ideas within the Social Psycho Google group, or take on a character and develop them online in anyway you wish; blog, video, facebook, twitter etc – or a combination of them all. 

The hope is that over time we all create a rich and interesting work of fiction, created by many and licensed under the creative commons BY SA license.

It would be smashing if you could get involved, invite others to take part or generally spread the word a little bit.

Many thanks, and much love as always.



Saturday, April 11, 2009

the problem with naked greed

Isn't the greed, it's the nakedness.

Rory Sutherland on the value of the perception of a non-selfish motivation

Or, put another way, nobody buys German cars because the Germans are greedy – they buy German cars because they believe that Germans are obsessively, indecently, neurotically obsessed with cars.

Is your brand a capitakist or creativist?


Wednesday, April 01, 2009