Friday, March 30, 2007

Cisco & Ogilvy World First On 3

Cisco though Ogilvy and Neo have just put their video ad on 3 mobiles as a pre-roll on selected content. OK, OK so it is old ways to use new media. But still an innovative way to get video based content into the hands of a very well qualified audience.

Disclosure: Ogilvy is Cisco's agency though i did not work on the project


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Innocent & Flickr

The Innocent pinboard links back to Flickr user groups, dynamically updating images. A smart way to harness user generated content that keeps the Innocent site constantly fresh and new.

A good example of working with your audience. I like it alot but can't help feeling that it is maybe abit wallpapery. A hotel or tourism authority delivering a similar service would add a touch more usefulness and relevancy.

from Where's The Sausage via Amelia


Friday, March 23, 2007

Risk Marketing

McKinsey suggested a couple of years ago that 20/25% of marketing should be spent on measurable innovation because, as Rory Sutherland loves to say; "best practise is often unique practise."

However there seems to be limited take up of this approach so how about we re-brand it "Risk Marketing". It sounds more empowering and affirmative than an "innovation" budget or "testing" pot. It is also more honest and I am sure will avoid some delicate conversations as it clearly implies that "the value of your investment can go down as well as up".

Maybe clients can select an investment scale from risk-averse through risk neutral to risk-seeking depending on what they are willing to bear.

PS3 Song

Online collaboration trashing the PS3.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Changing Communications Meeting Agenda

Are intermediaries compounding the problem?

Not only are most multichannel group new business functions led by advertising execs the intermediaries that are meant to select the most appropriate agencies for pitching are also run by people well versed in traditional advertising but with limited understanding of other disciplines and channels. no matter what the marketing problem the solution that continues to get driven is traditional.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

CRM - Alive and Kicking

Adliterate in its own inimitable way looks at a contentious issue and jumps firmly on one side to stimulate debate - this time on the death of CRM.

eCRM- overtly or subtly changing what you present to someone across a variety of digital channels based on their previous behaviour and what is most relevant to them? yeah rubbish, it will never work! err amazon anyone?

Unfortunately the author and majority of respondents for CRM read DM. My take on CRM has always been or a more holistic view of the overall relationship that a customer has with a brand. understanding their different needs and wants at various stages of a purchase cycle that ranges from unaware to advocate and understanding how to reach, engage and elicit an action. Yes direct mail & email forms a part of this but so does TV, PR, Retail and WOM, ideally all measured, optimised & *connected*.

For all the “Velcro” marketing analogies out there (and I love and use them), there is a need for a framework to help us organise and understand how this fragmented media world fits together and for want of any other usable model CRM, in its broadest terms, can help do this.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Advertisers: A Couple Of Tips

In his 7 Tips for Agency Survial Alain Thys missed "own the idea". Those that do will win. Of course how that idea is generated and delivered is fundamentally changing and it could be a mixture of tech/media/customer insight.

Also the more I read about what we should be doing the more I realise that the likes of Ogilvy and Bullmore and the other advertising greats of yester-year actually had it right, we just managed to cock it up through ignorance, fragmentation, greed and laziness.

We dont need to reinvent the wheel, just read what they said then. afew examples:

"People build brands like birds build nests from the scraps that they find". JB

"Dont count the people you reach, reach the people who count". DO

Also see "Would Ogilvy Recognise Advertising Today"

These guys didnt start with any particular channel, but looked at product, packaging, distribution and then comms. Look at what Stephen King did with Mr. Kipling.

For agencies to survive they need to realise a brand is more than what it says, it is how it behaves and what it deliver through product/service. With technology changing the relationship between brands and consumers there is a need to connect all of these and bring audience closer by listening, involving and constantly evolving.

A merger of creative and management thinking...


Monday, March 05, 2007

Tortoise or Hare

Have many of the traditional agencies unwittingly played an absolute blinder in the race for marketing supremacy?

Some fully embraced digital by setting up or buying departments and diving into the rapidly fragmenting space shouting "we can do, web, banners and search".

Most, seemingly through ignorance, belittled the space. Now that digital is fundamentally established as a channel the latter are picking the areas aligned with their core area of influence and expertise to get involved in. PR are doing digital PR, DM are doing email.

Consequently many of the more adventurous agencies are now surfacing and realising that in their quest for digital have lost sight of their core competency. Digital agencies face a tough future from increased competition but maybe not so much as the integrated ones...