Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moma & Facebook Personalise Your Summer

Excellent website launched by the MoMA in New York to help visitors planning their visits at the museum.

Summer at MoMA connects to your Facebook profile, scans it, analyses it and matches your preferences in the social network with the experiences currently offered at the museum. In less than a minute you receive personal recommendations that you can add to your profile and send to friends.

Turning pervious social media on its head: Dont create an app to go on Facebook, use Facebook to power and personalise your content.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Twitter Fueled Ads

71% Heterogilesrhysjones is 71% HeteroHow hetero are you? How hetero is Martha Stewart? Try out any Twitter name and get the real picture. Are we really the words we use? Hope to see you at Stockholm Pride!

I am loving this spate of interconneted ads. Pulling feeds from various social sites to personalise and populate. See this VW twitter matcher. I think 71% hetero is about right. In touch with my feminine side and all that.

Who will be first the build an app that automatically connects your social profile with all external advertising...


YouTube Killed United Airlines

As the world now knows, last year a guitarist named Dave Carroll was sitting in a window seat on a United plane at O'Hare airport in Chicago when he looked out and saw baggage handlers hurling guitar cases through the air.

He pointed it out to flight attendants; they responded with indifference. When he arrived in Nebraska, he found that his instrument had been smashed.

After months of complaining to the airline and getting no response, he wrote and performed a song, "United Breaks Guitars," and posted it on YouTube. It was viewed more than 4 million
times in its first 14 days.

This is a classic example of all 4 key behaviours that people exhibit in this web 2.0 world. The 4 c's - create - the pro-am, collaborate - working together in communities, challenge - the status quo & poor service and control - my media on my terms.

Did they not learn from My Dell Hell...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pick Your Knife Fight

Choose a Different Ending / Drop the Weapons campaign with the Metropolitan Police shows you how real people can turn away from violent crime.

This was recently peeked on MTV Base, no URL just the simple line: Search 'Choose a different ending'.

This then links through to a scenario based story on YouTube where you can decide on the outcome of your characters life. Choosing different scenarios lead to different outcomes.

Shocking at times, realistic throughout - the story-based model delves into the pressures / complications and implications of London's youth. It's authentic and compelling; a perfect way to approach the affected target groups....

Moving the media on from Samsung Island Of The Lizard King.

Hat tip Nick B.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Facebook Makes You Hero In Game Trailer

Much use is made of APIs that pull in details from one social platform to another.

This game trailer for Prototype asks for access to Facebook then uses the details and imagery to put you as the protagonist in the game.

Not a Facebook game or app but a game that uses Facebook. Neat. It would be great to levergae more of FB though: invite friends, post to profile, share etc....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Choice Architecture & The Value of Crap Ads

I am currently reading Nudge and how the architecture of choice can affect results. Some great examples here of how additional options can drive. Next time I try to sell some work I'll take an ugly version of the route I want to sell.

Hat tip Dave Birss


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nike Robot Graffitis Tour De France Route

Great campaign from the Lance Armstrong/Nike Livestrong campaign at this year's Tour de France.

As you may or may not know it is customary for fans to chalk/paint messages on the road before the riders go by to show their support/disdain/abuse whatever. TV cameras usually pick up the messages in their coverage as well.

Now Nike are offering you the chance, wherever you are in the world, to create a message of hope or support online & on mobile and then have it actually painted on the road in France by a chalkbot!

They will also send you and image of it with the relevant googlemaps reference so you can find your message en route and can work out when the riders will be going past...


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Art Or Information?

Here's an example from Go Figure titled The Past and Future of Information. I say "sort of" because no numbers were used to create it. It is openly unscientific.

Brilliant, say some. Meaningless, say others.

"The fuss is partly because it reignites a row between those who think data visualisation should have some data in it, particularly if it looks as if it's a graph, and those who think it has merit if it simply captures feeling or ideas in a compelling design."

And if you like that - check out the OECD Factbook eXplorer website.