Thursday, July 31, 2008

Samsung Does Island Of The Lizard King On YouTube

Samsung just launched a sweet online campaign to promote it's supposed iPhone killer, the Samsung Instinct.

The campaign website invites you to Sell Out Your Family by putting a Samsung Instinct in your youtube video in return for $20. There is also a series of interconnected interactive short movies 'Follow Your INSTINCT' on YouTube which use annotations to connect them. Sort of like kinda the Island Of The Lizard King.

Love it. Hat tip Adverblog via whirledgital.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ad Agencies Can't Do Digital

A recent comment on 10 Trends In Digital Marketing for 2008 challenged ad agencies and ability to deliver "real digital" work, though we got a nice nod for doing "campaign" stuff OK.

I am not entirely sure of the definition of "real" or in fact "digital" and how campaign work can be any less of the two than err.. something else.

Don't want to credit this with too much of a response and get reeled in but from Ogilvy's point of view we have pretty much covered all aspects on the 10 trends and a couple more.

Branded entertainment for Hellman's,
Mobile branded utility for Johnny Walker,
Digital influencer program for Louis Vuitton,
Communities for,
Multichannel story telling for Adidas,
Web site design & build for Vaseline
Web site design for American Express,

Oh and we also did one of the most succesful virals of all time.

OK, OK so he reeled me in....


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ego: A New Media Channel

Interesting new post from Rohit on an phenomenon he calls egomunications. Basically you mention/tag/link to a person in your blog/twitter/facebook.

They pick up the references on their technorati links/Google alerts/facebook notifications and go to your site to see what you have to say about them. One way to avoid gatekeepers or the crowded inbox. I like it.

This has of course worked for bloggers talking about brands, I seem to recall Rohit has a sideline in blogging about one of his predilections and as a consequence gets asked to test luggage....


Intravenous RSS & Social Search

A couple of bight new shiny things to help keep on top of this ever changing industry passed across my desk recently and i thought i would share:

Snackr is a nice adobe air app. It takes multiple RSS feeds and ticker-tapes them across your desktop. Great for keeping upto date when igoogle seems like too much hard work.
And the slightly less snappily titled & logo-ed find a social network. doing exactly what the title suggests. Enjoy.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Holiday Inn TV Show

The Third Act, Digitas' branded content arm just launched the second season of The Smart Show for Holiday Inn Express last week. BeetTV interviewed VP/Creative Director Ben Jones.

Interesting to see that they have a distribution partnership with TripAdvisor which could significantly expand the show's traffic after the first show "didn't get the reach" they wanted. Produced in conjunction with Endemol USA.

PS. I have just watched a couple of episodes and to be honest it is pretty shit.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whats The Big Idea In Mobile Marketing?

There isn't one.

There is, and will be no killer app. At least none developed or owned by anyone in the marketing space. Just as in more generic communications, there will be no silver bullet to solve all our woes it is the same in mobile.

There are and will be loads of solutions. Mobile marketing will get more fun but a shedload more difficult as channel and solutions become more relevant to less people.

It is potentially dangerous to spend time and resources trying to find, invent or own the next mobile single big thing. Rather marketers should set up systems to farm, identify and harvest interesting and relevant applications that are non proprietary and open source. Then it becomes about the applicatication of ones that exist in the right places as a integral part of the campaign rather than the center.

Ultimately I guess that it will be a pragmatic combination of invention and farming. The lure of IP ownership that gets the cash registers chinking in the mind and that is so applicable in the branded content space, and so much more relevant to marketers who are experienced in creating content rather than applications, is a tough one to resist.


Home Depot Heroes Branded Content

Home Depot Honors Fallen Soldiers With Great Prices On Tools

Brilliant to see that there was an uterly irrelevant gum ad as a pre roll. Sheer genius.

Hat tip Ed Cox



Monday, July 07, 2008

How To Blow $5 Million

This or BMW films?

Cost $5 Million apparently. No figures for the media spend.

Money well spent.