Monday, August 11, 2008

All Ogilvy Bloggers

If you like your digital news with a bit of Ogilvy attitude here is the list of Ogilvy bloggers from around the world, if you know of any others please shout.

21st Century Public Relations - US
Adventures in Tokyo - Japan
Approvingly Lounging - Planning - UK
Attias - Fr
Benoit Octave - Belgium
Blog de Max - Costa Rica
Blogilvy - NL
Digital Influence Mapping Project - US
Digital Innovation - US
Digital Mix - Belgium
Digital Native - UK
Digital Watch China
Dirk Eschenbacher - China
FishTank News - UK
Flagged For Follow Up - US
Fluido - Italy
G Marketing - Fr
Harmless Bananas - Brian Koh - SG
Hypnotype - India
Influential Interactive Marketing - US
Inquiring Eyes - India
MisEntropy - India
Mister Dutta - HK
Navigator - Asia
Ogilvy PR BlogFeeds - US
Tech PR Nibbles - US
The Intersection - PR - US
The Open Room - SG
User Have The Power - Italy
Users Have The Power - IT
Vita in Community - Italy
Web Marketing - China
Whirlo - UK
Word of Mouth Marketing 2.0 - US

I have aggregated all the RSS feeds from the above into a single RSS feed via Yahoo Pipes and put into a Blog Widget, Alltop! & Twitter.



Ian Sohn said...

Thanks for the link love

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Ogily'er, but here in Portugal, the local agency publishes in 3 blogs:

Anonymous said...

Hey Giles, I don't belong in the list :( Am no longer with Ogilvy India. Doing stuff on my own for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles,

Here's another one to include:, an email marketing best practices blog by myself.



Anonymous said...

It would be great if you can add me as well. is my blog.

darthveda said...

that aggregator rocks. clever. mind if we use it?

Giles Rhys Jones said...

take it, play with it, make it better. look me up if you are in london. g

Pat said...

Giles all three Oglivy China blogs have either stopped writing or now work for you competitors...still thanks for doing this