Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ford E-Paper Ad

This October the 75th Anniversary issue of Esquire will be unloaded from refrigerated vans and slotted into racks. For the first time ever the magazines will be animated.

It's not too flashy yet. "The order of the words will change," says Griffin. "There will be images that will turn on and off." The images are black-and-white in four shades of grey; a murky newspaper image, at best, but colored by a sheet of transparent, tinted plastic that will be fixed over the top.

Esquire can sell the e-paper covers at the standard cover price because of a Ford advertisement for the Flex, a crossover SUV, has "defrayed a lot of the cost," on a second sheet of e-paper on the inside cover.
Looking forward to seeing a DM pack using this in the near future...

eInk are the e-paper manufacturer.

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