Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Most Fun In Marketing?

Where is the most fun to be had in marketing over the next 18 months?

A poll I started on Facebook to see where people thought that the future model of marketing communications might come from.

Many commented that they would be combinations of one or more of the choices and I agree. Most marketing people agree with McKinsey and that the current model is broken and all disciplines are trying to solve it. It seems from this unscientific poll that many think that a blank sheet is a better way to go than trying to shift ingrained perceptions and processes.

One must destroy in order to create. I would be interested in your vote.


seanhecking said...

I agree, the new model for marketing will be a blend of technology and creative. Much of the talent in this space will need to have a good understanding of marketing and creative as well as a good understanding of how to leverage technology. Traditional models fail to see the connection between left brain and right brain, form and function.

Unknown said...

I agree. Too many old models trying to stretch to create a new one. I am part of callcott, a new model agency in the mould of Anomaly but genuinely working across the brand, comms and product spectrum to solve problems for clients through highly creative ideas and delivery.
Giles - we should meet.