Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Real Anomaly

Anomaly the NY based marketing company get kudos from Business Week's Cutting Edge Designers of 2007 for the design Eu, the range of men's skincare they are launching later this year.

As I noted at the start of the year it is great to see a company actually living up to their claim of an "agenda-smashing advertising and marketing company" and excelling across multiple disciplines rather than talk, posturing and reverting to type and the channel that they are most comfortable with.

With the recent shoddy showing of UK agencies in Cannes perhaps there is something we can learn from outside Soho.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree. We need to get off our collective arses and start making stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anomaly are doing some great stuff. However, I do think its ballsy for a digital agency to design their site in flash, ie. totally invisible to search engines.

The flash is cool though, and try refreshing their home page - its changes every time.

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look like someone has made their homewrok, well done! at last someone is taking the bull by the horns, because this situation been for a long time, and is time to end.

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