Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Changing Agency Landscape

A great article from David Benady on the ascendancy of digital and the resultant changes in the agency landscape:

In future, advertising will be driven by agencies that are capable of digitally locating and monitoring audiences rather than those that can create beautiful campaigns aimed at anyone prepared to watch and listen.

If you look at the industry over the next ten years, you will see a group of very premium agencies emerge that will provide a new total service. These high-quality, full-service agencies will combine the technical skills of the digital specialists with the planning and creative abilities of the traditional agencies.

Interestingly he states it is all about locating these people then doesn't mention media agencies as key to the solution. Once you define the big idea - which in turn might come from their media habits - it is all about reaching the audience.



Anonymous said...

A strangely familiar intro...


Giles Rhys Jones said...

Apologies if it is yours. Lifted the intro from an email I got highlighting the quote.

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