Monday, June 11, 2007

Conversational Marketing

Advertising is often accused of being a superficial, one way and impersonal; in many of its current forms it is about as far from a true conversation as you can get.

There are signs that this is changing. As media fragments and technology develops, people are changing how they communicate with each other - and likewise the way they communicate with companies.

What once was a conversation in a pub between 2 people is now a conversation online amongst 200. This is forcing a change in not only how businesses communicate but fundamentally how they behave; there is a need to be more inclusive, to be open and honest, to listen and engage; to treat contact as a conversation.


Abdul said...

I find your comments very interesting, and do believe that they will have a impact on traditional marketing techniques. Where do you think Interactive Marketing will be in 10 years?

Giles Rhys Jones said...

tough call. essentially everything will be digital but more speciaised into disipline. dm shops will do digital, pr will do digital. digital agencies will have to jump into one of these disciplines or will forever be innovating to keep budget. alternatively they will be running the other agencies...