Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Only Numbers You Need In Marketing


80/20 paretos law - 20% of audience delivering 80% sales/content/contribution
80/20 creative media split - 80% media budget, 20% creative budget - swop them
80/20 innovation marketing - 80% on proven techniques, 20% on measureable innovation
80/20 distribution - 20% on your destination, 80% where your audience are

any more?



Anonymous said...

Was that supposed to be "swap them?"

Giles Rhys Jones said...

80% creative - 20% media

Anonymous said...

20% of your web content will be responsible for 80% of page views

Maayan said...

variation: 10-10-80. A/B split testing for campaigns with 20% of your audience/subscribers then take the better of the two and send out to the remaining 80%.

john dodds said...

80% of citings of Pareto principle are wrong.

Giles Rhys Jones said...

oh shite - is this one of them?

Mihai Dragan said...

20% of marketing spend on interactive. 80% on conventional.

James Sandoval said...

Hey Giles - I'll add, similarly to what thelostagency wrote, that 20% of a web site's audience will be responsible for [roughly] 80% of the site’s advertising distribution/consumption e.g. or

I think this is a really interesting stat and conundrum, which I recently discussed with Denis Bielig of Neo@Ogilvy in your hood. This Pareto principle is in line with the numerous web display advertising campaigns I've done analysis against (over the past 10 years), which is that 20-30% of each campaign’s audience [i.e. cookies] reached was responsible for 70-80% of the campaign ad consumption.

Every wondered why the average frequency of a given online ad campaign is generally somewhere between 1 and 3 or 4? When we look more closely at the data we will consistently see that a small % of eyeballs are responsible for a very large % of ad consumption, but a very large % of eyeballs are consuming ads at a very low frequency, creating a false view of campaign [average] frequency at the summary level, which is how most of us retrieve and analyse the data..

Vilfredo was on to something.

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Marek said...

There is also the 80/20 Insights rule.

A true insight is 20% insight. something small undiscovered which the 80% (competitors) don't know.
80% insights are those which all competitors should know as a minimum success factor.

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