Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wimbledon - Strawberries, cream and augmented reality balls...

IBM Wimbledon Tennis Mobile Campaign

The IBM Seer Android is an innovative application being trialled at Wimbledon 2009, it takes a live video feed from the handset’s camera, and superimposes content and data associated with various points of interest into that video stream.

By making use of the T-Mobile G1/G2’s digital compass and precise GPS coordinates, the application offers a ‘heads up display’ to show the user what they are looking at. It augments this with other live data from the scoring systems and IBM scouts reporting from around the grounds, to give the user a comprehensive and dynamic insight into their surroundings.

Pointing the camera lens towards a court will not only identify the court number, but also display details about the current and subsequent matches.

Want to where the strateberries & cream stand is - done.
Any spare seats on court 12 - done.
Shortest queue at the loos - done.

Nice work from the guys and girls at Ogilvy.

Not just cool but fundamentally useful.

Disclaimer: I work at Ogilvy and had some involvement in helping with this element of the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Lots of possibilities for event marketing, could imagine seeing things like this become big in the iPhone apps store around big events.

Rob said...

your link "More on IBM and Wimbledon here."

Does not work... 404 error


: said...
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G Rajesh said...

The Wimbledon Tennis 2009 Prize Money for different sections is same for Men's and Women's.

Singles Winner Prize Money: 850,000 £

Doubles Winner Prize Money: 230,000 £

Mixed Doubles Winner Prize Money: 92,000 £

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Alice Thomas said...
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