Monday, June 15, 2009

Dixons Tax Free Scam?

I am looking to buy a OLYMPUS MJU TOUGH 8000 for my holiday. Being the OCD kinda guy I am I looked at all options for a good deal and found some interesting stuff.

Dixons have it on their tax free aiport site for £295.64, a supposed saving of £40, yet it is on their normal UK site it is £263.98.

Nowhere to hide... thought people knew that already.

I have shot them a note similar to the above and will let you know what they say.



Anonymous said...

They are relying on people impulse buying.

If you are waiting at the airport for a couple of hours, there's not much else to do other than look in the shops. If you haven't done any homework on the prices beforehand a lot of people think that a saving of £40 would mean it is a good offer.
Highstreet prices are always considerably higher than internet prices. That camera is available from for £215.12 for the silver one (other colours are more). Free delivery if you choose within 5 days, but it will arrive after 2-3 days

Anonymous said...

You seem to be correct on this but a little known fact is that the dixons tax free stores, no matter how unreliable the management is (especially in Scotland), are actually quite competitive with high street prices. Curry's do a 7 day sale occasionally and the tax free stores policy does not have to price match on this. The tax free stores offer 15% off the high street price (works out at 17.5% on top of the price) so they are tax free. Many items in these stores are quite well prices. They make their money on the likes of travel adaptors (65% mark up) and memory cards (sometimes as much as 80%) mark up. If ever buying from these shops ask for as much discount as possible as they usually have WBW (when bought with) packages which bring accessory prices down when buying an item of hardwear.

Unknown said...

Please report all scams at

Anonymous said...

If youre after a bargain you have to know what bargain means. But if your looking for something specific, and know what the real prices are, you can get some very good bargains there.

My last camera was bought from DTF - a fuji S9600, about 2 years ago. At that time the camera had just been released, and best (web) retail was £280. Got it from DTF for £225.

Im currently looking for D-SLR and the have a 14.2Mp Samsung GX20 with kit lens at £304. The cheapest internet price for this is £480. Just browse their web site.

Mike said...

Just found this - it's October 2009, I'm looking at doing the same thing but with an EOS 5D. This is £2,260 at Dixons duty free, down from a "high street price" of £2,599. Yet they're selling for £2,449 in their own high street shops. So there's £130 markup at the airport.

I've emailed too but I'm curious, did you get a response from them?

Giles Rhys Jones said...

yeah. got an eamil a couple of weeks later. they are actually different companies but they offered an ok deal.