Wednesday, June 03, 2009

HERD - The Movie

You have read the book now see the movie.

People gravitate to people, especially if it is enjoyable... or a riot.

Hap tip to nevergetoutoftheboat.



Tim said...

I love everything about this. That guy for me, is the definition of cool because he couldn't care less what people thought of him or whether people joined him or not in his mojo moment... which is, in my mind, why people did! Question is, if a brand did the equivalent jig, could it be as cool or uncontrived? People would always know that secretly, we'd be looking out the corner of our eyes wanting people to like us enough to dance with us...

Giles Rhys Jones said...

yes - do what you are passionate about not what will make you money. people pick up on that.

that's what pisses me off about all the conferences that talk about monetizing mobile or social.

same point as rory's on naked greed: nobody buys German cars because the Germans are greedy – they buy German cars because they believe that Germans are obsessively, indecently, neurotically obsessed with cars.