Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whats The Big Idea In Mobile Marketing?

There isn't one.

There is, and will be no killer app. At least none developed or owned by anyone in the marketing space. Just as in more generic communications, there will be no silver bullet to solve all our woes it is the same in mobile.

There are and will be loads of solutions. Mobile marketing will get more fun but a shedload more difficult as channel and solutions become more relevant to less people.

It is potentially dangerous to spend time and resources trying to find, invent or own the next mobile single big thing. Rather marketers should set up systems to farm, identify and harvest interesting and relevant applications that are non proprietary and open source. Then it becomes about the applicatication of ones that exist in the right places as a integral part of the campaign rather than the center.

Ultimately I guess that it will be a pragmatic combination of invention and farming. The lure of IP ownership that gets the cash registers chinking in the mind and that is so applicable in the branded content space, and so much more relevant to marketers who are experienced in creating content rather than applications, is a tough one to resist.



Anonymous said...

Agree that open source apps are the only route for marketers. There is a tremendous global community of developers creating interesting apps day and night. How marketers harness those apps is the key.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It'll be the kids with their urgent need to network who'll work out the next big thing. And it'll happen, seemingly by accident.