Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ad Agencies Can't Do Digital

A recent comment on 10 Trends In Digital Marketing for 2008 challenged ad agencies and ability to deliver "real digital" work, though we got a nice nod for doing "campaign" stuff OK.

I am not entirely sure of the definition of "real" or in fact "digital" and how campaign work can be any less of the two than err.. something else.

Don't want to credit this with too much of a response and get reeled in but from Ogilvy's point of view we have pretty much covered all aspects on the 10 trends and a couple more.

Branded entertainment for Hellman's,
Mobile branded utility for Johnny Walker,
Digital influencer program for Louis Vuitton,
Communities for,
Multichannel story telling for Adidas,
Web site design & build for Vaseline
Web site design for American Express,

Oh and we also did one of the most succesful virals of all time.

OK, OK so he reeled me in....



Anonymous said...

what was the "Multichannel story telling for Adidas", the links not working

Giles Rhys Jones said... sorry link updated and above. g

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Mobile Market stories for Nike really left me speechless. I guess that's the best one.