Thursday, June 05, 2008

RDF Digital & Ogilvy Partner To Develop Entertainment

OK so abit of a press release post but I am quite chuffed about this especially as I have just taken on the role of Strategy Director for Ogilvy Entertainment...

RDF Digital and Ogilvy Entertainment have signed a development and production partnership to jointly create branded entertainment ideas and projects.

The Branded Entertainment business is particularly important for Advertising's future. It plays very much to Ogilvy's heart land as an agency as it is about story telling for brands.

Our past has been about story telling in 60 and 30 second formats. Our future will be about story telling in 60 and 30 second formats but also in 2 hour films, or 6 x 20 mini series etc...

And this will be delivered on multiple platforms including TV, mobile, IPTV, Video, and the internet.

Press coverage here.


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