Thursday, July 31, 2008

Samsung Does Island Of The Lizard King On YouTube

Samsung just launched a sweet online campaign to promote it's supposed iPhone killer, the Samsung Instinct.

The campaign website invites you to Sell Out Your Family by putting a Samsung Instinct in your youtube video in return for $20. There is also a series of interconnected interactive short movies 'Follow Your INSTINCT' on YouTube which use annotations to connect them. Sort of like kinda the Island Of The Lizard King.

Love it. Hat tip Adverblog via whirledgital.



Unknown said...

Hey - - wanted to clarify something here…

The interactive youtube video shown above was not a part of the Sprint campaign. It was created by Toronto base Fjord Interactive Marketing + Technology for Samsung Canada…. Jst a coincidence that the US had a similar campaign running in parallel . . .

PS - Thanks for the good mention!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles.

Blast from the past -> Lizard King... where on earth did you dig that one up from? What's next? Warlock of Firetop Mountain?

Interesting though, the book format worked well and was a departure from serial adventure books and perhaps the first interactive print format for that generation - so exploring a similar methodology in video will be interesting to follow.