Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ad Agency Destroys Itself

Destroy To Build: Interesting that DraftFCB has offered all of its UK staff redundency as part of a plan to restructure its digital, creative and production departments.

All of it's staff, though it expects to lose 60.

Rather than tinker with existing structures and pandering to obsolete departments and personel they have sent a strong signal to all staff and the industry that they are changing. In their PR they have been touting a "New Improved Wheel" that creates a couple of new disciplines and renames some others. Bringing data and experience planning upfront and on equal footing to the more established advertising disciplines is a good move.

I recently ran a poll on facebook to see what people thought about the future of the industry and who would be best placed to succeed. Over half the votes went to brand new models like Anomaly but I think that if your clients will indulge you, this could be equally successful...

Disclaimer: I worked at Draft London in 2005 & with Nigel Jones whilst at AgencyRepublic

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Anonymous said...

I actually like the "blow it up" approach. I would also like to see the marketing and comunications disciplines (advertising and PR) come together in a more significant way. We're headed there but a good bit of organizational plastique might help.

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