Friday, November 03, 2006

Amex Taps Into Bloggers For Open

Adweek reports that American Express has tapped two small business owners (who also blog) as part of a campaign which recently kicked off (full disclosure, American Express is a Ogilvy client—though I have no idea if we are involved in this effort).
From Adweek
: "The campaign, which is scheduled to start today and run into next year, promotes Open, the AmEx credit service geared to small businesses. Content revolves around a special section on the site, called BizBox, that features the musings of Grace Bonney, owner of a small design firm, and Andrew Kruse, who founded an alternative energy company. The duo will address the ups and downs they face running their companies. BizBox will also include a regular Q&A session with small-business experts, AmEx-produced video and contributions from readers."

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Anonymous said...

A small design firm,lol, gimme a break! It's a blog for goodness sakes. So sick of hearing about this annoying chick. I have yet to see what the big deal is.