Monday, August 14, 2006

Thoughts on integrated marketing

We are seeing that the solutions for our clients business require a mix of channels with digital an increasingly important part and consequently not only the mix within the agency is changing but also fundamentally how we work.

It is all about connecting it together: A TV campaign drives response with a sms call to action which is fulfilled by a dm pack which in turn drives to web for purchase. The ongoing relationship is managed via email triggered by site behaviour and product usage.

Our work for IBM wimbledon is fundamentally enabled by digital technology constantly streaming results to online ad units, web sites and mobile phones, traditional media, PR and events play an important but supporting role.

At Ogilvy our philosophy has always been 360(tm) marketing and as we build bespoke multi channel client teams with every marketing discipline represented we are uniquely positioned to help our clients connect with their audince through the right channels.

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