Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nike Robot Graffitis Tour De France Route

Great campaign from the Lance Armstrong/Nike Livestrong campaign at this year's Tour de France.

As you may or may not know it is customary for fans to chalk/paint messages on the road before the riders go by to show their support/disdain/abuse whatever. TV cameras usually pick up the messages in their coverage as well.

Now Nike are offering you the chance, wherever you are in the world, to create a message of hope or support online & on mobile and then have it actually painted on the road in France by a chalkbot!

They will also send you and image of it with the relevant googlemaps reference so you can find your message en route and can work out when the riders will be going past...



Anonymous said...

Can you pls chalk this for me?

"EPO made me do it"

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It is an amazing competition the Tour of France, I watched every year looking for new talents on the rise.

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