Monday, December 08, 2008

Mini Augmented Reality

From the lovely guys and girls over at

One of the trends for 2009.



james m said...

It looks great but how are you going to use it? You could replicate this easily within a web environment so why go to the bother of the web cam and the press ad. is the reveal that exciting? Don't think so.

Now if you could provide an individual number or reference so everyone gets a different experience now that would be cool. I could see sales promotion agencies getting excited about that.

noora said...

Besides having a total new experience for the user, the next big step is of course to have this running on mobile phones.

Using different references/images would provide the users with different experiences, no problem in doing that.

The MINI ad can by the way be tested at:

Shakir Razak said...


I don't get it - What's so exciting about it!

There's a television/Web technology company called that's been doing this for 4 years, it was used especially on their Sumo.TV broadcast channel to cover a lack of Studio space.

The console manufacturers are also thinking about this, the next logical step form Avatar's/Mii's and extending the concept of sims/Tamagotchi (re: mobile), but what Mini seem to be doing looks more like a gimmick, a step below showing people what their furniture will look like in their virtual home replica.

Due to its newness I assume it will draw in the gadget/tech freaks and curious who might not be familiar with the CNN "hologram".

Kind regards,

Shakir Razak

Alina Hueckelkamp said...

the exciting thing about it, is the live connection with your flash-application. now extra programm, just a plugin in your browser.

it is exciting to do it live.

maybe you also know the nike case of the hyperfactory in NZ. AR with the ARtool Kit of the HITlab in NZ.

or the 3D Graffiti of my old agency Jung von Matt/next - also AR 3D. And Shortlisted Titanium in Cannes.