Monday, December 15, 2008

Ford - Mobile Augmented Reality

In Your Face Mini

Everthing is going digital and everything digital is going mobile. 

From Vio

"Find It" is a pan-European campaign that will be launched in around a dozen countries, with the objective of targeting a 20-something crowd - hard to reach people who don't want to follow the mainstream. So the campaign is all about letting people find and explore the hidden discoveries which are out there.

You can try out the 3D Ka if you've got a Nokia camera phone released in the last two years or Windows Mobile camera phone. Download the A'3D Ka' mobile application from Then point your phone at the 3D marker you find.

When the 3D Ka is viewed at a particular angle on the phone screen it will reveal a secret URL:  continuing the theme of looking beyond the obvious.

An overlay application for the first stage of the campaign has been launched where you will find some pretty cool and innovative stuff such as:

- A clean
graffiti film stunt which was specially staged in Berlin
- A
high-speed film guide to the best street art around London's Shoreditch
- An interactive journey around a range of small undiscovered sites where the overlay application's navigation stays with you to guide you along the way.

Not bad



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