Thursday, September 13, 2007

Arith-ritis - A Modern Marketing Disease

Arithritis - a combination of arthritis and arithmetrics - when a business has such a obsession with marketing metrics that it becomes swollen and unable to innovate and move painlessly. there is a need therefore to change the rules. change the metrics.

From a speech from Rory Sutherland at Ogilvy's UK Verge Event.


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Nick Walters said...

Wxcerpt from correspondance:

If you're not careful, you can kill the very thing that the audience are picking up, and has got the artist, project or business to its current point. The artist/new business owner can employ you to collude in their own sabotage!

In art, as in life, we are always working with the paradox - What we say we want is often not what we really want. The successful marketeer or designer, or promoter, or publisher, has to see beyond the paradox, use his/her assertiveness to protect the small embryo that is trying to grow!

And encourage, not discourage, the diversity, the whackiness, the personality - because its the personality, the USP of the project that people want. Especially now - as the world moves into a new phase, driven by myspace, you-tube, the new aesthetic of fun, socialising, and actually, integrity.

NSW 16th Jan