Monday, July 02, 2007

Experience Planning: Advertising's Newest Discipline

A simple chart from RGA that makes sense. The movement from Campaigns to Experiences and the associated disciplines required to deliver. One thing that everyone seems to miss is the need to influence staff, process and systems. Digital does complete this loop to a certain extent and agencies are comfortable operating in this space. Offline however agency only scrape the surface of these areas, if at all.

The more we are required to deliver a total experience across all touchpoints the more agencies will have to offer change management and process designer to ensure that the customer experience matches the promises made in communication.

Via Vincent


Will said...

Thanks for that. Very useful

Anonymous said...

I like the thought in your last paragraph. It really calls for agencies to offer more indepth consulting, reaching further into the clients organisation!
Some have already mentioned it jokingly: we'll need the chief experience officer, who bridges the silos of marketing, sales, logistics, finance, etc.
May be it is conveniently so, that the akronym is CEO. Because the importance of this person to the company will be similar.

peacepunk said...

this is where the traditional and the new age communication worlds co-exist

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Yeah actually it's pretty similar to business administration and stuff like that, but it's not so easy as you say.