Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Second Lifers Not Phased By Flooding

Within moments of Second Life flooding the inhabitants were riding around on giant carp and chasing schools of fish in scuba gear. The inhabitants of one bar replaced the tables & stools with boats and carried on drinking - albeit discussing the dangers of global warming.

A great vibe with lots of support for both the event and the charity. It also generated the required conversations about global warming on personal and second life blogs as well as through more mainstream sites and traditional media.

Thanks everyone for your support.



Anonymous said...

Best use of SL so far. Love it.

Amelia said...

Thank god, at last an agency uses Second Life in am imaginative, useful and inventive way!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting idea, this way SL can be useful... even if I don't like it (SL, not your event): my first login has been not so amazing... see my blog if you're interested. Ciao!