Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Second Life Flooded!

To highlight the potential devastating effect of climate change Adventure Ecology & Second Life including Tokyo, Ibiza & The Netherlands tomorrow, 4th April.

We will be filming the event in world tomorrow please come and experience the flood and find Adventure Ecology avatars and learn more about how to help prevent this virtual flood becoming a real one. Check back here for videos of the event.

All times are GMT.
09.00am - 09.25am at Britannia
09.35am - 10.00am at Plush Avenue
10.10am - 10.35am at Togenkyo
10.45am - 11.10am at Nederland
11.20am - 11.45am at Plush
11.55am - 12.20am at Ibiza
12.30am - 12.55am at Mallorca

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) have predicted sea levels to rise by up to 59cm by the end of the century, an estimate considered to be modest by many critics. This would threaten some of the world’s major cities such as New York, London and Tokyo as well as huge areas of low lying land including The Netherlands, where the effects of the damage are already being felt.

Adventure Ecology promotes respect and responsibility for our Planet, its environment, species and peoples by developing a greater understanding of the Planet’s greatest challenge: Climate Change. By flooding Second Life we hope to demonstrate the potential devastation that climate change could have on the environment.

As Second Life is created, owned and maintained by its citizens they have the power to change things for the better. We’re hoping that this sense of empowerment will be reflected when the second life citizens move from the virtual to the real world.

Projects on the scale of the Adventure Ecology Flood have previously been impossible within Second Life as each territory is owned and controlled by individual avatars. However, with the help of Anshe Chung, the largest real-estate developer in Second Life, Adventure Ecology has been granted special permission to flood a vast area of Second Life on an unprecedented scale.



Rik Panganiban said...

Sounds really awesome. I'll send the word out on this!

Osprey said...

I'm going to try to be there - this is a great use of VR.

Viagra Prescription said...

I hate this game. I think this is an silly way to waste your time and your money to. I hope you can do something better.