Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mobile Codes Are Coming


Generate your own QR codes - this one will point you back to this blog .

There are huge implications and opportunities for marketers and QR codes and Shot Codes. These codes are 2D matrix widely seen on posters and billboards, they provide anyone with a cell phone immediate access to everything from information on consumer prize campaigns to addresses and maps for retail outlets. The latest 3D implementations QR codes are capable of storing up to 1.8 Mb of data, including video.

Mike Fiorella from Japan Marketing News points to this article that says that "fast food brands are now printing these codes on sandwich wrappers. One quick scan and you're instantaneously provided with nutritional and/or ingredient information. As you'd expect, QR codes increasingly appear on packaged goods too."

QR & Shot Codes are already in use by Coke, Ping, EMAP, Swisscom, Rossignol and by 234 a major european music distributor.

Most of the cell phones in Japan now come pre-installed with appropriate software and are supported by several major handset manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, Sharp, Toshiba & Sony. Though you can download QR readers or ShotCode readers online or through WAP sites.

The latest rumoured technology from Fujitsu is the FPcode - similar to QR & Shot codes but rather than looking like a black smudge, the code is invisibly printed onto the image in the advert itself.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this article, Giles. It has served as the inspiration for an article on my own site:

I made sure to give you credit, and a link. Incidentally, I happen to work with the New York office of Ogilvy (I truffled you). If business brings you to town, feel free to drop me a ring.

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