Friday, September 01, 2006

Would Ogilvy recognise advertising today?

How the Internet changed advertising forever
Are today's big advertising firms the equivalent of the "buggy-whip manufacturer" in the early days of the automobile? Fortune's Daniel Gross says the Internet and other user-controlled, on-demand technologies are changing the practice of advertising "into forms that patriarchs like David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett would scarcely recognize." Fortune, Aug 8, 2005.

I am surprised that Dan suggests that David Ogilvy would have difficultly recognising the changing practise of advertising today. Ogilvy's belief was that deep consumer insight, coupled with big creative ideas, is the engine of brand building. Ogilvy has always been about 360 branding, using all channels to reach a consumer, always about inviting customers in, rather than forcing a broadcast message.

Ogilvy has always accepted, adapted and embraced all channels and technologies to allow the consumer and brand to converse - whether it is, PR, Interactive, Direct or traditional marketing or a combination of them all.

By pioneering cross discipline integrated planning, creative and account teams worldwide across all Ogilvy groups, I am sure David Ogilvy would recognise the industry today. In fact I think he saw what it might become a long time ago.

Co written with Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy Group UK

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Anonymous said...

Having worked in Ogilvy for four years, I strongly believe that its the only agency which is equipped to take on and embrace new touch points around

Anonymous said...

I, too, think David Ogilvy would recognize the industry today, if not the specific technologies then their advertising and marketing use. Having read his books over the past couple years and seeing his understanding of direct marketing and advertising, the internet and interactive technologies as the best mechanisms of direct consumer and business response would seem to Ogilvy, I think, as nothing more than then the next logical extension of the business.

Anonymous said...

Well. one big "But"... Ogilvy talked about the male trumpet swan within his organisation. If Ogilvy group really would have wanted to show that they have good values, their international board would not be made up of 21 men and 3 women.

Yes, Ogilvy would prolly recognise his 50's styled advertisement today, he would for sure recognise his male trumpet swans.

onlinemarketing said...

David was a researcher first and an advertiser second. Direct response was his first love and his secret weapon. Courtesy of Kenneth Roman's new book "The King of Madison Avenue". See our review

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David Ogilvy would recognize the industry today. In fact I think he saw what it might become a long time ago.