Thursday, December 03, 2009

White Christmas Guaranteed

iPhone app from Ogilvy. Syncs with your camera and adds gently falling snow to any scene. Take a photo and send to confuse your friends.

Disproves the mantra - An app is for life not just Christmas.



Andrew H said...

Fun little app. I like it that an agency like Ogilvy puts something out just for fun. Little confusing what the "use" button is for since it doesn't seem to go anywhere after that. But still fun.

A lot of Christmas apps out now. Love the David Archuleta Open Mic app from Sony. Fun to sing along and see how well (or in my case not well) you score.

PGT said...

@Andrew - I think the current online social marketing trend is to release something that can go viral, which can promote brand awareness just by having your company name associated with it. Any app to make it feel more "Xmasie" ..

Aymen said...

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Shah said...

I really appreciate your blog and specially the effects of the camera which make picture more attractive and funny and we can confused our friends and family members and also make them happy by showing them falling snow pictures even in summer season as well.

Anonymous said...

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Alex said...

Nice little app, such a simple idea but I imagine one which will be very popular.

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Promotional Products said...

I wanted to say thank you for this. I was able to trick people into thinking that it was snowing where I was. I told them I was having a white Christmas too. Unfortunately, it only lasted as long as it took for them to get on the internet.

Unknown said...

Fine post and fine application! I liked your idea of falling snow. It seems natural. I will soon try out in my new iphone. Thank you!
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