Monday, May 18, 2009

Advertising Evolution 2

A couple of years ago I wrote about the evolution of the marketing agency. With their collobaorative, partnership and sharing model Anomaly were the leaders at the time, and I am still a big fan.  

However things are moving on so I am cooking up a new plan:

Take a couple of elements from last year's 7 models for agency survival, roll in some crowdsourced creative. Don't bother baking but serve immediately and heat as you go. 

People like blur marketing & addictlab are essentially starting a distributed agency. They claim ultimate flexibility, responsiveness and best of breed. 

I can't help but feel this is fine for quick projects but something with more depth, something that requires an indepth understanding of the brand and the audience. Something international and ongoing. Can the new breed offer this,  at any scale on and ongoing basis. A big network agency.

Happy to be proved wrong but I feel we need a combination of both. It looks like this. Maybe.


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Julius Solaris said...

Thanks for the reference to blur Marketing Giles and your comments are indeed relevant.

A fact is that we feel that the crowdsourcing model is mature enough to be taken to the next step, namely quality.

We believe that the current environment is ideal to put together strong independent players on a common platform.

I have to agree on the project scope, although we are already experiencing self started initiatives on the client side and within the community that call for more structured projects.

The unexpected consequences of putting extremely talented people together is what I am currently amazed by.