Friday, November 07, 2008

The Black Swan Agency

I am on the plane back from Customer Futures Exec Council in Johannesburg presenting on the state of the South African digital marketplace. I just been reading  The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbablea book about randomness and uncertainty by epistemologist Nassim Nicholas Taleb. 

I found a nice quote; " almost no discovery, no technologies of note, came from design and planning...focus on maximising tinkering and recognising opportunities when they present themselves... aggressive trial and error"

Great advice for a comms agency and some thing the smaller players and start ups seem to do as a matter of course.  So how do the networks build a Black Swan agency process and way of thinking, avoiding the robotic approach but empowering and respecting the commonsense of the employee.

More Mr. T shaped people for a start, a skill & will cull for another, maybe abit of the floating fiver for another (another post for another day) and a good chunk of innovation and risk marketing. Finish off with lashings of black book conducting.



Unknown said...

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Giles Rhys Jones said...

agree - globally digital is growing at around 24% vs all other media which are in single digit. thanks for the comment.

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