Thursday, March 08, 2007

CRM - Alive and Kicking

Adliterate in its own inimitable way looks at a contentious issue and jumps firmly on one side to stimulate debate - this time on the death of CRM.

eCRM- overtly or subtly changing what you present to someone across a variety of digital channels based on their previous behaviour and what is most relevant to them? yeah rubbish, it will never work! err amazon anyone?

Unfortunately the author and majority of respondents for CRM read DM. My take on CRM has always been or a more holistic view of the overall relationship that a customer has with a brand. understanding their different needs and wants at various stages of a purchase cycle that ranges from unaware to advocate and understanding how to reach, engage and elicit an action. Yes direct mail & email forms a part of this but so does TV, PR, Retail and WOM, ideally all measured, optimised & *connected*.

For all the “Velcro” marketing analogies out there (and I love and use them), there is a need for a framework to help us organise and understand how this fragmented media world fits together and for want of any other usable model CRM, in its broadest terms, can help do this.



ND said...

If you have enough of a brand then customers may embrace a relationship with you. In many cases I actively asked to be taken off databases. A lot of customers don't want "relationships", more so here in the UK. - Martin

Anonymous said...

"Understanding their needs and wants at various stages" sounds really altruistic and awwww.

Perhaps "understanding their needs and value"?

James Brown said...

CRM Software must be easy to use or it won't help with customer relationship management

David said...

Often times, CRM acts as an administrative tool. A good lead manager can make you sales whereas the CRM helps you organize your efforts. Lead managers are also typically easier to use and manage.

Sandra said...

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