Thursday, February 01, 2007

R/GA and Bob Greenberg

Some interesting musings from the founder of AdAge's Agency of the Year and much lauded as the big thing:

Bob Greenberg on web 2.0’s impact: “If web 2.0 represents community and social collaboration on a grand scale, then in many ways we’ve simply gone back to the web 0.0 future”.

R/GA Earns 'Adweek' AOY Kudos: “The nature of storytelling is changing in a world shifting from analog to digital media.”

Branding in 3-D (pdf): "Message, time, place must align to really reach consumers"

Ad 2.0 (video): "Nightly Business Report"

Redefining Relevance (pdf).

Though their site talks about engagement neutrality yet they only operate in the digital channel, err surely something wrong with this picture.

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