Friday, February 02, 2007

Media Agencies Pass The Buck

In a recent article a number of prominent media agencies slammed the larger portals for not doing enough to push the medium. Media agencies are hardly renowned for their innovative and creative thinking so there is quite alot of "the lady doth protest too much, methinks".

As I mention in the artile the onus is not on any one single company in the communications mix but media, creative and clients as well as consumers need to all work together, dont worry no group hugs involved.

I have always found that given a compelling strategic reason all involved, but especially media owners are more than willing to think outside traditional formats. Ogilvy's Cisco livecast with the as an example for one.


Doug said...

"media agencies are hardly renowned for their innovative and creative thinking"... this depresses me so much.

whilst, in many cases, you could be right - i definitely think it's an unfair catch all. it's like saying "the aristocratic ad agencies are hardly renowned for thinking beyond the 30" spot" :-)

Giles said...

touche. a very fair comment. there are pockets of great talent in all comms agencies from pr and digital to media and advertising. but they are hamstrung by the structure, remuneration and lack of like minded/skilled people.

Doug said...

now I completely agree with that!