Sunday, February 18, 2007

For IBM Second Life Is Not A Game

CNN money article on why IBM's Sam Palmisano and other tech leaders think Second Life could be a gold mine.

By early January more than 3,000 IBM employees had acquired their own avatars,
and about 300 were routinely conducting company business inside Second Life.
"The 3-D Internet may at first appear to be eye candy," Palmisano writes in an
e-mail interview, "but don't get hung up on how frivolous some of its initial
uses may seem." He calls 3-D realms such as Second Life the "next phase of the
Internet's evolution" and says they may have "the same level of impact" as the
first Web explosion.
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Anonymous said...

The people of Second Life is moving to defend IBM employees rights.
It is announced as the first "virtual strike", the first online demonstration in the famous virtual world of Second Life.
And it will involve in September one of the biggest worldwide corporation: IBM.
The unions are mantaining the silence on the organization of this event, but we believe that the effects will be really impressive.
IBM is a globally integrated company with over 300000 workers worldwide, and since many months is pushing the mass-media with a strong campaign based on the innovation.
The italian IBM employees should have well understood the concept: at the "old-factory-style strike", they are substituting the new "virtual strike".
It seems that the reasons for this first virtual strike are related to the renew of the internal agreement: while IBM is one of the company with major profits, its employees are receiving very few fruits of this big mountain of money.
The internal climate is below all the IT industries (taking advantages for the famous IBM's competitor: HP), and the drop that overflowed the glass is the long and inconclusive negotiation for the internal agreement.
While the workscouncil, supported by the majority of IBM Italy employees, was asking for a small salary increase, IBM responded with the complete suppression of the "productive results benefit", with a loss for a single employee of 1000 euros per year.
For a company that wants to lead the corporate social responsibility, this is really too much.
So this is the reason for the innovative virtual demonstration, the first in absolute in the Second Life world.
The high offices of the company are worried..cause this action will turn on the lights on the project of creation of a global union alliance, that is engaging the unions from over 16 countries worldwide, including the new IT boundary: India.
IBM will succeed to avoid this explosive initiative of its "too much innovative" employees ?
Investors and stakeholders hope so...