Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogging isn't killing planning, advertising agencies are.

In response to this huge thread - 105 odd responses - about whether blogging is killing planning.

As the lines between communications channels blur so do the lines between sales, service, HR and delivery. The uncovering of insights that drives solutions not just across channels but across business becomes even more important.

In an older, simpler world, agencies often operated in this way. Mr Kipling is probably the best known example. Over the years however fragmentation of media and agencies and the fact that TV’s first place on the marketing plan has been replaced by search has meant that they are no longer the first port of call, rarely sit at the top table and have limited impact on business bar broadcast communications.

In the current structure classic agency planning just can’t do the job. Incidentally neither can brand, media, data, digital, communications, process and change management planners, especially when they are tied to a particular channel or discipline solution.

Until agencies change their structures, remuneration and skills and consequently their remit planners will continue to operate with one, if not both hands behind their backs.

Teams of multi-discipline "T" shaped planners, with core skills but an understanding of others, no vested interest in channel delivery, with remuneration tied to the performance of the solution would be a start.



Will said...

Right on. The agency model needs to change; it's not just one group who should be charged with the insights.

I'd almost say employees need insightful thinking more than creative thinking (although that is obviously important).

Nice blog, btw.

richard said...

I'm inlove with the idea of T-shaped planners BTW