Thursday, February 08, 2007

Does Dove Drop The Ball On Survey

Amelia Torode points out that Dove's latest campaign missses a trick. The campaign encourages consumers to fill in a survey: "Real women know best when it comes to beauty care. So good or bad we really want to hear what real women have to say." However it resorts to banal questions like "Dove makes me feel more confident to reveal my underarms. Agree/Disagree".

This is annoying that they missed a trick on this one. With innovative research techniques like Imagini's visual based work they could have done something more interesting that actually lives the brand of consumer champion and real-ness.

Surely they would have enough insight from the vast commentary they get on This smacks of marketing size 12s stomping in.

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Amelia said...

Thanks for the comment and link

Can you ask the Dove team whose idea it was, it smacks of being a client one.