Sunday, February 25, 2007

Power of Search

Search for Coke's new global end-line "The Coke Side of Life" and you get this image.

Search is much maligned as just a single stage at the bottom of the purchase cycle. It does that and more besides.

More examples from Amelia Torode including a link to "Google isn't a search engine, it's a reputation management system." from Clive Thompson.



Amelia said...

Glad you liked it. I saw the new Lloyds "for the journey" at the weekend (which I love) so tried to Google the phrase "for the journey" and only got evangelical churches!

Jim said...

Spot on Giles, (and thanks for the comment).

80% of people begin a web session by searching. That Coke example is a basic schoolboy-error piece of poor PR. This is the equivalent of a Coke customer services rep answrering the phone with "hello Pepsi speaking, how can we help?" Basics.

Giles said...

Using Paid Search as a Branding Vehicle:

Anonymous said...

No it is a search engine. It's just the fact that most marketing departments for oversized brands are incompetent at digital marketing. Who , in their consumer mind, would actually search for Coke on Google in order to buy the product?