Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Mobile Marketing Will Never Make Any Money

Jmac's observation at a recent mobile marketing event where everyone was overly focussed on the money and a post from Rory on the problem with naked greed isn't the greed it is the nakedness leads me to believe that the majority of people involved in mobile marketing will not make very much at all. 

Mobile conferences often feel like the first hour of a department store mega sale. Everyone rushing around detirmed to buy something, anything, excited, afraid and not a little desperate and sweaty.

Monetising mobile? No, be passionate about what you do, tangibly so, be curious, want to improve peoples lives through mobile. 

People buy that.



Mihai Dragan said...

There is always a clear balance between creating value and turning value into money.

First of all we need to create value and than we can think of monetizing it. We cannot take the shortcut or switch these two.

jMac said...

Indeed. People will engage with what they value.

People will only pay for what they value.

Trying to bypass value is like shutting down your heart to save your breath.

emarketed said...

This is absolutely true! great info!

Dom Conlon said...

I think the devil is in the detail here - specifically what do we mean by improving people's lives? People buy all kinds of things and whether it improves their lives or merely distracts them from it is debatable.

bob evans said...

It looks like the line for "mobile marketing" is blurred with the expectation of instant "mobile sales". There is a difference. Yet the title here states "Mobile Marketing" and the discussion is about instant mobile sales expectations.

Alice Thomas said...
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I think you are right, no much money can be earn in this mobile marketing, but as everything, we need to wait and see.