Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Digital Heart With A Discipline Head

Some agencies embraced digital in the early days doing everything, then woke up to realise they lost sight of what it is they actually do - many direct agencies dont actually have an email practise. 

Others, sometimes through design, did nothing and are struggling to work out how to enter in the most appropriate way.

Many digital pure play agencies are creaking at the sides as the definition of digital expands to cover way more than site build and banners.

As the traditional roster of agencies dies, clients abandon digital silos and the lines blur there is only one way through...

Digital Heart With A Discipline Head

Do what you do well and twhere you have heritage; building brands, managing reputation, having a direct relationship - just do it with digital thinking at the heart and digital delivery as a core channel elements. The same applies to digital agencies - just flip it...

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