Thursday, April 16, 2009

Social Psycho

The ever crazy (in a good way)  Macus Brown is curating a book: 

What would happen when someone who had access to the personal data of hundreds or thousands of people completely lost it and became unhinged? What would happen if that said person was extremely web savvy, had accounts on facebook, twitter, friendfeed, blogs and knew their way around Google maps etc.? 

Social Psycho is a work of fiction that intends to build on this terrifying idea and I’m inviting you to get involved. It's my new project. Although I will be mainly writing and developing the main character of the story you are invited to develop sub-plots and characters in order to build stories of your own. 

You can either input ideas within the Social Psycho Google group, or take on a character and develop them online in anyway you wish; blog, video, facebook, twitter etc – or a combination of them all. 

The hope is that over time we all create a rich and interesting work of fiction, created by many and licensed under the creative commons BY SA license.

It would be smashing if you could get involved, invite others to take part or generally spread the word a little bit.

Many thanks, and much love as always.




Dr Mariann Hardey said...


'Randomly' - such is the 'world' of Web2.0 - I came across your blog and 'social psycho' post...

More intriguing though is your marketing take on brands as a collective identity (my interpretation of your blurb - i could be wrong) and communication with audience.

As a piece of shameless self-promotion these are aspects of 'social media' and related sociability that I am interested in. (see website

In terms of market delivery of 'the message' and social interaction(s) I would be interested in hearing more from you. For now, this post - intriguing (if creepy) and something that I am going to capture at a talk i'm giving at Cafe Sci at the Science Museum in mid May.


Anonymous said...

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