Thursday, January 29, 2009

Merging Digital And Traditional Agencies

Always a car crash. Funny - both haha and uhohh- points made by Lost in Tech on the mistakes
of integrating digital and traditional agencies.

Essentially they are fundamentally different disciplines but don’t integrate, conduct, execute a skill/will cull and hire t-shaped people,. All parts of the black swan agency

Interestingly you could replace digital with branded content, creative (in media agency), media (in creative agency),  innovation or pretty much anything new and get the same result.



peacepunk said...

the two will never merge, but co-exist with each other, more to the dismay of the traditionalist, who will wonder how could this be possible. Digital aint a discipline... its a matter of techniques and a few bright kids

marcus said...

A very relevant post but what about the planning/strategy side?
Without having planners who understands digital you will often end up having a strong digital team not getting the support they should get because the planners are not able to give a direction.

Nick F said...

Agree with Marcus that planning/strategy side seems to have been overlooked in this. Experience planning made sense to people back in '07... if that still holds true...

Giles Rhys Jones said...

the thing is you need all of these skills