Thursday, January 01, 2009

Kodak Mobile Ski Guide To The Alps

OK so it has been a Kodak Christmas. I got a nice Zi6 pocket video camera in my stocking from the Mrs. Lovely machine but the USB button is a little trigger happy. 

Then I went on a marathon "follow the followers" session on my twitter/ogilvy account - 909 in one sitting.  There I found I was being followed by not only theUS based Kodak Chief Blogger but also the Chief Marketing Officer. I quick stroll through some of their posts revealed these guys are actually making pretty good use of the service and are ones to watch.

Finally we have also just soft launched a site to celebrate the Kodak Rossignol ski partnership, which allows skiiers to test new Rossignol and Kodak kit at various resorts through the winter.

The site features a guide to various resorts accompanied by loads of imagery and video shot on Kodak kit. The best bit is that we have made it mobile - not much call for wifi at the top of a black in Tignes

The mobile ski guide features the best bars, restaurants and runs  in 20+ resorts thus enabling their audience to create their own moments, their own Snow Stories. Click on the link in the bottome right hand corner to download - dont worry it will work out your handset requirements or get it directly from here.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Caveat: I work on the Kodak business in Europe and on this project.



Panos said...

Great website. Useful and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

its a really good looking site and a lovely idea to promote the brands

if anyone is looking for a genuine mobile ski resort guide they should try
(mobile website works instantly on all phones, none of that "download" business)

hundreds of worlds top ski resorts with everything from weather to webcams, apres ski bars and restaurants to accommoation - yes, you can browse and book a ski holiday on your phone!

Chamonix is v impressive

this site makes me really beleive web 4.0 is mobile!

Anonymous said...

sorry, that should have been

just take a look at the functionality - awesome mobile loveliness!